What our friends are saying...

something that we will never forget about our wedding day - his voice is amazing - the kind of voice that brings chills and tears! Many times we did not even know he was singing because he sounded so much like the original artist in the song
— Ashley Quiterio
My husband and I were able to go on weeks in advance and put in a list of songs we really wanted to be played at the reception. Even better: he actually played those songs! He stuck to the list, while still feeling out the crowd so well. When he ran out of our list, it was clear he still had a good idea of what we liked and what our crowd would like and kept the dancers dancing! :)
— Ann
I wish he was the dj at every party
— Mandy Bourcier
Jared was amazing! He organized our entire reception flawlessly and at the last song no one wanted to leave. He kept it elegant and classy while being a blast and he had our guests dancing to the last song!
— Sarah